Leaches in the church Part2 

 I want to start off by saying how blessed I am to have a church that doesn’t have any “crazies” other than maybe myself! Lol! But I’ve been to some churches that had some crazies! So back to the question we brought up in my last blog. Are cliques bad? 
**Cliques aren’t bad..mean hearts are! **
We said it before a clique is a small group of people, with shared interests or other features in common, who spend time together and do not readily allow others to join them. Nothing really wrong with that! But there is a certain personality that loves to use these for evil… The manipulator or the leach. Biblically you could call it… I don’t know… Jezebel? Yeah Jezebel! They love to play like the victim. That everyone is out to get them (so they can control others)and they spread these thoughts within their group of influence. To cause everyone to hate their enemy. But you have to remember the person is not literally Jezebel! They have a spirit of Jezebel but they aren’t Jezebel! We don’t fight against flesh and blood! We MUST PRAY for these individuals but we must take it seriously. Because bad seed sown will be hard weeds to pluck up! And sometimes you must pluck Jezebel up before she takes root. These people love to sow discord. I also must say a male or female can have the spirit jezebel . 
The history of Jezebel… She was a wicked woman. She was a painted woman, she painted herself up for worship to baal. She worshiped false idols. (She had an appearance of a religious person . Jezebel’s in the church appear to be religious) but Witchcraft was who she was. She loved control and when threatened she didn’t take it lightly. She used words to create fear. That’s why these people love to stir up troubles with slander and gossip. We all know that witchcraft is used in words and that’s the very thing she used on Elijah. She used words to spark fear into a powerful man of God. Which caused Him to run for his life. 

People with this spirit usually love to get close to people in offices of clergy or offices of authority so they can gain control. They manipulate through fear. Sometimes even hold mammon over your head. “If you stand up to me you’ll lose this or that” for more characteristics of Jezebel check this blog…

30 Traits of the Jezebel Spirit

I think it’s a pretty good one! 
Now we all know how it ended for Jezebel. Let’s read it! 
“Jehu arrived in Jezreel. Jezebel, having heard what had happened, put on eye shadow, arranged her hair, and stood looking down at the street from a window in the palace. As Jehu came through the gate, she called out, “You Zimri! You assassin! Why are you here?” Jehu looked up and shouted, “Who is on my side?” Two or three palace officials looked down at him from a window, and Jehu said to them, “Throw her down!” They threw her down, and her blood spattered on the wall and on the horses. Jehu drove his horses and chariot over her body, entered the palace, and had a meal. Only then did he say, “Take that cursed woman and bury her; after all, she is a king’s daughter.” But the men who went out to bury her found nothing except her skull and the bones of her hands and feet. When they reported this to Jehu, he said, “This is what the Lord said would happen, when he spoke through his servant Elijah: ‘Dogs will eat Jezebel’s body in the territory of Jezreel. Her remains will be scattered there like dung, so that no one will be able to identify them.’””

‭‭2 Kings‬ ‭9:30-37‬ ‭GNT‬‬

So here’s the thing it only takes one mean heart to ruin a good group of people. It only takes one person sowing bad seed to ruin a whole harvest! 
But it also took one man to say throw her down!

*Remember we don’t fight against flesh blood. Whoever in your life that is doing these very things needs Jesus! They may even love Jesus…and be a Christian…heck they may even be a teacher or someone that speaks into others lives. But they could be causing a horrible ruckus in your life. Sometimes you must love and pray at a distance. Pray that they would be delivered. Sometimes all you can do is separate yourselves from them.  
We as Christ followers need to be aware. The very thing that could be hindering you the most is a “painted up” person that appears to be religious. That says the right things. That makes you feel sorry for them. But will cut you in a minute with a slandering tongue. The one that gossips to you about others will soon be gossiping about you to someone else. 

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